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Creative Youth Network helps young people, no matter what their background or circumstances, to reach their own potential. 
We offer a wide range of opportunities for young people including free creative courses from fashion to music, photography and nail art. Alongside our creative offerings we also provide 121 support and advice for young people.


We offer several services which are on offer to the West of England partners: creative careers, mental health support, creative futures, theatre productions and temple records.

Creative Careers

16-25 and out of work? Want to learn key skills in a variety of creative fields? Our creative courses are relaxed, hands on and free, with lunch and travel included! 
Fashion – 16/01/18 – 07/02/2018 
Nail Art – 27/02/2018 – 21/03/2018 
Music – 10/04/2018 – 02/05/2018 
Create a Music Video – 22/05/2018 – 13/06/2018 
Game Design – 03/07/2018 – 25/07/2018 
Level 1 or 2 Arts Award qualification 
Work experience  
For more information and to sign up, get in touch with Phoebe on  or 0773 436 8626 

Mental Health Support 

We work with young people under 18 with mild to moderate mental health issues, teaching self-help tools which can be used in later life. This service is flexible and based over 6-12 weeks. 
For more information please contact: or 0117 947 7948 

Creative Futures

Creative Futures is a 6 month programme enabling young people(age 16-25)  to reach their potential, giving them the skills and support they need to turn their passion into their creative career.  
For 2 days a week they will work on their own artistic development and professional practise and for 1 day a week they will be paid as freelancers to assist with networking events, marketing and delivering workshops. 
For more information please contact: or 0117 947 7948 

Theatre Productions

No skills needed, just an interest in performing arts! Our productions give young people (age 16-25) a training opportunity and great way of having their voices heard. Productions vary depending on the time of the year.  
Each season will focus on different expressive art forms. We are always looking for skills including: 
* Drama 
* Dancers 
* Technicians 
* Marketing 
* Stage designers 
* Producers 
* Directors 
For more information please contact: or 0117 947 7948 

Temple Records

Temple Records is a record label in Bristol organised and created by young people. This exciting project is looking to discover unsigned artists in the wealth of Bristol’s musical scene. 
Are you 16-19 and interested in joining Temple Records? Maybe you’re a young musician, or you’re interested in a job in the music industry. This is your opportunity to work on a four month project when you will: 
*Create and launch an album within the music industry  
*Work with industry professionals 
*Record tracks  
*Work on album artwork  
*Host a launch party  

For more information please contact: or 0117 947 7948 

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how Creative Youth Network can assist you, then contact Rebacca Ball via phone on 0117 947 7948 or email her at


Address 20 Old School House, Kingswood Estate, Britannia Road, Bristol, BS15 8DB 

Phone 0117 947 7948