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Broadway Lodge is one of the largest independent charities in North Somerset employing over 100 staff and volunteers. It provides both residential and community based substance misuse treatment and recovery services offering medical, psychotherapeutic and social integration interventions to enable people to lead healthy fulfilling lives.

Key services include:

  • Inpatient detoxification
  • Residential treatment
  • Third stage supported housing
  • Aftercare service
  • Outpatient counselling
  • Building Better Opportunities Programme.

We are experts in supporting people into recovery from a wide range of addictive behaviours including alcohol, drugs (including prescription drugs such as pain medication), co-dependency, gambling, and gaming. We also have experience supporting clients with secondary issues such as self-harm and eating disorders. We only provide treatment to adults but we are not limited in terms of geography for our residential services.  Our community services are open to anyone who lives close enough to access them.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how Broadway Lodge can assist you, then contact Wendy Ruddick via phone on 01934 812 319 or email her at


Address 37 Totterdown Lane, Weston-super-Mare, BS24 9NN

Phone 01934 812 319




We offer several services which are on offer to the West of England Works partners: aftercare service, outpatient counselling service and auricular acupuncture and mindfulness meditation.

Aftercare service

This service is provided to people who have already undergone treatment for their addiction and who are now abstinent. The aftercare service supports people living in the community with their ongoing recovery by providing a safe space that people can come and explore any issues they are facing.  Aftercare consists of a mixture of auricular acupuncture and mindfulness meditation, a therapeutic support group facilitated by a counsellor, lunch, and workshops focusing on a variety of different topics.

For referrals you can contact either Wendy Ruddick via phone on 01934 812 319 or email her at You can also contact Helen Thom on 01934 812 319, and her email is


Existing Service already available to project participants. No cost apart from a donation for lunch.

Outpatient counselling service

Broadway Lodge offers non-residential individual counselling sessions for ex-clients, family members, carers, or concerned others. In some instances and dependent on assessment, we may also provide counselling for someone still using illicit or prescribed drugs but working towards abstinence and recovery. This service could be extended to other West of England Works participants. We would usually expect to work with someone for eight to 12 weeks with a review after six, however the number of sessions can be tailored to the individual need following an assessment.

For referrals you can contact either Wendy Ruddick via phone on 01934 812 319 or email her at


This service is not currently available to Anchor Partners and project participants so additional funding would be required. Counselling session would be a cost of £45 per session.

Auricular acupuncture and mindfulness meditation

This is delivered by qualified auricular acupuncturists who have trained with and are members of Acudetox Plus UK. Broadway Lodge is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care in England and is fully compliant with their standards.

Auricular acupuncture is a specialist service that isn’t currently provided within the West of England Works Programme unless the individual is registered with the aftercare service.  Numbers are limited for that service which is specific to people who are abstinent and wishing to maintain their recovery.

For referrals you can contact either Wendy Ruddick via phone on 01934 812 319 or email her at


This service isn’t currently available as a standalone service so additional funding would be required at a cost of £5 per participant.