Proven Success as West of England Works Programme Helps Local Woman Beat Unemployment

Team North Somerset, logo

Team North Somerset, a partner of West of England Works programme has helped a local woman gain a full time job and reclaim her lost independence.

The West of England Works project is a partnership which aims to help unemployed and economically inactive people in the West find employment.

Led by Weston College, the partnership includes a range of voluntary and community organisations across the West. The project has received £6 million of funding from the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund and is part of the Building Better Opportunities programme.

 Georgina suffers from anxiety and was not moving forward in her job search nor was she getting the support she needed.

Wendy, from Team North Somerset met Georgina for tea, this gave them the chance to get to know each other. “It was clear from the beginning that Georgina wanted to do well, she wanted to be proud of herself, and to be able to support herself financially” – Wendy Garland. 

In a short space of time, Georgina has come such a long way. The capacity to do well has always been there but just needed a little bit of support and encouragement

Through the programme, Georgina started out as a bank care assistant, she persevered with her training, worked nights, and has now been offered a full-time position in a care home.

 Georgina’s story: “I feel I struggled with my confidence and getting myself out there and when I came onto the Team North Somerset Programme and worked with my job coach, Wendy Garland, my confidence grew and I have developed as a person in my own right.

 The programme helped remind me of my own potential and that I am capable of doing great things. With the help of Team North Somerset on the West of England Works programme, I have gone from strength to strength. I now feel so confident and independent and I feel like I can tackle anything”.