How to prepare for an interview

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You’ve done the hard bit, you’ve impressed the employer with your CV, but now it is time for the interview.

Interviews can be nerve racking experiences, so it is important to be prepared and knock the socks off the interviewer. Here are a few tips from the West of England Works team that will help you with the interview process.

Our top tip is to ensure that you carry out some research. This is a very important stage in interview preparation, and you should consider researching both the company and also the job role. If you know the role inside out, then you will ace the interview. In knowing the role, you can prepare examples of how you’re the best person for the job which can help stop those awkward silences whilst you’re thinking of a good answer. Companies are always impressed if you have learnt about their business, so look them up on their website and their social media channels to get a real feel for the company. You can always use the websites search tool to find out more on the department you’re being interviewed for and maybe even the person interviewing you.

There are several interview questions which can be applied to every interview, so why not prepare answers to those questions and practice them in the build up to your interview to keep them fresh in your mind. Once you have a few answers prepared, ask a friend or family member to give you a mock interview. The more you practice, the better the answer you’ll give in your interview.

Being organised for the interview will help to keep you a little bit calmer and stop any last minute stress. You might be wondering what you need to know to be organised, we recommend checking and double checking the date, time and location of your interview. If you’re not sure where you’re going, check out the location on Google maps and prepare lots of time to get there just in case you get lost. If they have asked you to bring anything with you, look for it the day before, you don’t want a last minute panic before your interview.

Dress to impress
The night before your interview decide on what you’re going to wear so you are feeling ready. Remember first impressions are key, so you want to present yourself in a positive image. If you can’t decide what to wear, then remember that usually you are required to dress smart for an interview. If you are not sure on dress code then you can always contact the company who can confirm what you are required to wear.

Think of questions
During your interview you will be offered the opportunity to ask questions. It is important here to remember that you are checking that they are the right fit for you, just as much as they’re seeing if you are the employer they want. By asking questions it shows that you are interested and want to know more, it will also give you an even better understanding on the role and organisation.

Keep calm and all of us at West of England Works would like to wish you good luck for your interview!