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St Werburghs City Farm, was developed to meet local needs.

Our vision is to inspire and educate happy, healthy communities through green spaces, local food and each other. Using a 2-acre small holding, a 1-acre community garden, a 2.5-acre conservation site and 13 acres of community allotments, our mission is to offer targeted community services that equip people with knowledge, skills and confidence, and provide green sites accessible to all.

We do this through the following services and projects: the Farm itself, home to more than 50 farm animals, an award-winning cafe, a new education and volunteering centre, an adventure playground and a community building. The Farm is open to the public seven days a week, and is free to visit, welcoming 43,000 visitors each year.

Youth Development provides recreational and educational activities for disadvantaged young people (aged 11 to 18), supporting them to develop practical and personal skills and build their confidence and self-esteem.

Youth Enterprises, our pop-up shop and café is run by our young, supported volunteers on the one day each week when the Farm café is closed. Supported Training, with a focus on horticulture and animal care activities, supports adults with learning disabilities in accredited and therapeutic training opportunities. Our activities promote their mental and physical wellbeing whilst building social skills, confidence and independence.

Enclude volunteering increases the wellbeing and community engagement of local disadvantaged adults. We support them in practical work, crafts and cooking.

Propagation Place is a large, propagation polytunnel and we have wheelchair-accessible growing facilities. This trains people to grow and sell vegetable plant plugs to the Farm’s 272 allotment holders, the local community, as well as selling them nationally online.

The Network community outreach project is developing community networks of residents living in disadvantaged areas of East Bristol and engaging them with services and activities at the Farm and other community settings.


St Werburghs City Farm Urban Farmers Project

Work2Learn Placements: weekly placements available for young people struggling/not in mainstream education. Sessions focus on improving skills and future employability, gaining new interests and confidence which leads to improved school attendance, less disruptive behaviour, greater educational engagement, enhanced personal development and improved health and well-being. Opportunities include our Livestock and Farming programme, Bushcraft and Environmental skills and a new opportunity, SWCF Entrepreneurs, which supports young people to design, develop and manage social enterprise activities such as a weekly ‘pop-up’ café. Sessions will support young people to improve work based skills; develop entrepreneurial skills such as budgeting, planning and design, marketing, monitoring and evaluation, etc.; improve ownership of Farm services; and promote greater intergenerational understanding.

Cost: £30 per half day / £60 per day.

Enclude supported volunteering project

Enclude offers regular weekly volunteering opportunities for adults over 18 years of age. The session are for adults looking to spend time outside, meet new people, learn new skills and build confidence and self esteem. The sessions run across our sites and include opportunities to work on the farm, undertake maintenance and development work at our 2.5-acre conservation site or spend time learning a new skill in our woodshop. We also host a weekly session for people experiencing depression and anxiety, participants will help cook and share lunch and do a seasonal activity in  a beautiful outdoor setting. To find out more or express an interest in a place please e-mail or call the Farm Office on 0117 9428241 and speak to the Enclude Team.

Cost: £30 per half day / £60 per day.

Supported Training project

Supported Training offers Horticulture and Animal Care placements for adults with learning difficulties. Horticulture sessions run Monday – Wednesday and trainees learn about growing food through working in our Community Garden and polytunnels. We sell our produce to our onsite café, and also use it to make tasty soups, jams and chutneys. Animal Care sessions are on Thursdays & Fridays and activities include feeding the animals, checking they are healthy, cleaning their accommodation, sweeping paths and general Farm maintenance. We offer entry-level qualifications in Horticulture and Animal Care accredited through Ascentis Awards. We have support ratios of 3:1. Placements can be arranged through individual personal payments, or referrals through Bristol City Council or South Gloucestershire Council.

Cost: £30 per half day / £60 per day.

Propagation Place

Propagation Place is our new social enterprise project which offers regular weekly volunteering sessions throughout the growing season in our new polytunnel. Activities include sowing seeds, caring for young seedlings, growing vegetables in our community garden and building infrastructure such as compost bins and raised beds. Propagation place offers vegetable plant plugs for sale to our local allotments, and nationally online. There are opportunities for volunteers to take on lead roles within the project, and training opportunities are offered through the Grow Leader course which is run by Feed Bristol, a partner organisation.

Cost: £30 per half day / £60 per day.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how St Werburghs City Farm can assist you, then contact Kate Oliver via phone on 0117 942 8241.


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