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PAPER Arts is a visual arts development agency that aims to unleash the creative potential of young people so that they can use the arts to access employment or self-employment. We provide structured development pathways that enable young people to access the tools, information and contacts they need at every stage of their creative journey.

Our mission is to empower young people to develop the personal and professional skills needed to integrate them back into society, whether that’s experimenting with using art as a way of understanding their emotions, landing their dream job or becoming self-employed in the arts. We focus on developing young people’s confidence, resilience and networks.

Since 2014, we’ve been providing access to the arts through mentoring, artistic practice and creative enterprise training; from workshops, courses, internships and work experience programmes. Our method is to focus on the individual, working out what they need to accomplish their aspirations and reach their full potential, whilst providing them with the right opportunities at the right time.


We offer several services which are on offer to the West of England partners: arts therapy workshops, work experience programme, get started with arts courses and creative enterprise courses.

Arts Therapy Workshops

We run a series of workshops that support young people to use the arts to explore their feelings and emotions. Young people often struggle to communicate their feelings to others, art is one way in which they can physically communicate their inner self to others.

We also run workshops that help young people to develop this knowledge into a future source of income, from running Arts Facilitation half day workshops, where young people learn how to use the arts based skills as facilitators or workshop leaders, to understanding the basics of art therapy and the associated careers in this field.

Work Experience Programme

A team of 5 young people work alongside each other to coordinate an event for other young creatives across the city. This monthly youth-led work experience programme helps young people make it in Bristol’s creative sector, by offering them the opportunity to explore a diverse array of interests, develop skills, all whilst gaining valuable and practical experience in a thriving arts centre. They gain tangible employment skills as well as general life skills such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and the power of taking initiative. By the end of the program, our young creatives feel empowered, seeing the event they have put on come together and its positive impact on those who attend.

Get Started with Arts Courses

This is a week long course that allows young people to explore a range of artistic practices, that allow them to find out where their interests and skills lie within the arts. This then creates the basis for their development of their artistic skill within the arts. Though out this course we explain the different employment opportunities where these skills can be utilised and introduce the young people to people working within the creative industries who have a successful career as an arts therapist.

Creative Enterprise Courses

We run quarterly courses based on developing creative entrepreneurship for 18 to 25 year olds that have a creative business idea they wish to explore. Participants meet other like-minded people and have the chance to tap into creative business expertise, covering everything from identity and branding, marketing and social media, communication skills, budgeting, and tax. We offer the chance to test creative business ideas, get feedback from peers and discover ways to improve business strategy.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how PAPER Arts can assist you, then contact Georgina Mallabar via phone on 07518557929 or email her at


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