Compass Project

Compass Project 2012 is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company limited by guarantee. It is an accredited Social Enterprise founded and operated entirely by people with a history of drug/alcohol dependency and offending backgrounds.

We specialise in addressing behavioural issues and developing core work skills in people with histories of addiction and offending by providing rehabilitative work placements. It is the unique environment of shared personal experience and identification that allows us to address the barriers facing this particular client group more effectively.

Our two locations offer volunteer work placements in areas ranging from retail sales, van driving, driver’s mates, delivery, warehouse operatives, removals, furniture restoration, administration, ecommerce, IT and management.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to make a referral then you can contact Kevin Neal on 07803207767 or email him at

Please include in the subject heading of the email:

West of England Works Referral
In the body of the email please state:

• The referred person’s name

• Brief description of their current situation (housing, work history, addiction status: abstinent, still using, in treatment, other)

• Who we should contact and their details to set an assessment date.


Address 58a 60, Broad Street, Bristol, BS16 5NP

Phone 07803207767



Our Time to Recover service is available to all West of England Works partners and offers many aspects:

Rehabilitative Work Placements for People with Drug and Alcohol Dependency Backgrounds

We provide therapeutic volunteer placements in areas such as retail sales, store management, van driving, driver’s mate, warehouse operatives, furniture restoration, administration, office management, and e-commerce. Participants work between one to five days a week for a period ranging from three to nine months.

During their time at Compass Project, our members start to address issues of confidence and self-esteem by slowly changing values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours through experienced-based learning.  This is achieved when they allow themselves to experience, in a drug free/sober state, what actually happens when confronted with challenging work situations and interactions with the wider community.

They are able to undertake this journey because they are immersed in a unique environment of shared personal experience – a shared past of addiction and offending. Everyone in our organisation (from the director to the newest member) has a history of addiction. There is no other organisation like this in South Gloucestershire or Bristol.  It is this important difference that helps to dissolve the barriers that, in existing work/volunteer placements services, would cause our members to isolate themselves and not fully engage in the service.

Our main targets:
• To increase communication and develop positive interactions between Compass Project members and the wider community including employment and educational services

• To help Compass Project members develop fundamental work skills and healthy living habits.

Main outcomes:
• Members develop a positive self-image resulting in increased motivation to sustain their recovery and reduce anti-social behaviour

• Members will feel more confident to engage with employment/educational service as a result of a positive change in self-image and improved work skills

• Members will acquire actual work experience and skills for their CV.

Compass Project was short-listed for the Howard League for Penal Reform Community Award in 2016.


The price per individual participant is £40 per day.